How to get a day of the given particular Date

Hello,   I am trying to achieve the day of the given date. I am getting the date from a web service as “20220729”. I converted this to like 07/29/2022 using the below function. formatDateTime(parseDateTime($IteratorActivitiyItem/Date,'yyyyMMdd'),'MM/dd/yy')   Now I want the day of this particular date “7/29/2022”, for this I am using the following  formatDateTime(parseDateTime($IteratorActivitiyItem/Date,'u'), 'EEEE'), it returns Day as “Wednesday” instead of Friday. I used the below function to get the full details of date and day using the following. I got the below response: formatDateTime(parseDateTime($IteratorActivitiyItem/Date,'u'), 'EEEE')+'-'+ formatDateTime(parseDateTime($IteratorActivitiyItem/Date,'u'))   Can anyone help me to get the day of the given date please.  
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If the date is still in the original format, this should work.