REST API response to list for counting purposes

Hi,   Is it possible to count the results of an API request? I’m using this endpoint: Asset Management | TOPdesk API   As you can see, the results are stored in the “DataSet”  object. I’ve already create a datagridview for showing this data with success.     Microflow The API response itself is stored in an import-mapping. The items are stored in a NON-persistent entity.     Step 1 – Call REST       Step 2 – Retrieve Objects   What I already tried? - Create a entitiy called “Counts” with Attribute “NumberOfAssets”; - Create a list of dataSet (result in 0 items); - Aggregate List (count), result in 0 items, since the previously step already shown 0 items;   Next, I want to filter the list based on criteria such as status.  
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Hi Rico Roodenburg,
Yes, it is possible to show the count of the results coming from API.
In your Use case, your objects are stored in JsonObject_3 NP. So once you get the $root object, retrieve the $DataSet object, then retrieve the list of $JsonObject_3 objects from $DataSet. 
Now  use aggregate list activity on JsonObject_3 list and use the count function and use show message activity to display the count.


Hope this helps!!  Let me know here if you facing any issues on this.


Hi @Dinesh Kumar,


Thank you for your quick answer.

The solution you’ve offered works like a charm!



I was also able to filter the list based on criteria.

You’re great, many thanks!