Creating a like / thumbsup button within a listview

Hi, I'm trying to create a functionality for our app where users can upvote or downvote a topic within a listview.  I'm aiming to create it with the following functionality:   When the thumbsup button is clicked the object ‘Votes’ will increase by 1. When the thumbsup button is then clicked again by the same user the object ‘Votes’ will decrease by 1.   The same functionality applies for a thumbsdown button.  When the thumbsup button is clicked an then the user also clicks the thumbsdown button.  The thumbsdown should increase by 1 and the thumbsup button should decrease by 1 and vice versa.   I have tried looking through posts, but i cannot find an answer that fits the need for my functionality.  Could someone help me? 
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Hey Jitze,

what you can do is, add an attribute to your entity which stores the number of likes it recieved.

Now in the list view, add the icons you want and apply an on change event, and using a microflow or nanoflow, you can increase or decrease the number of likes using a change activity and store it accordingly.

Hope it helps!