micoflow and nannoflow

how many microflow we can add in one project? how many functions we can add in one microflow? If i want to get knowledge related database how it work in mendix where i will get that?  
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hii sneha 

  • you can add as much as Microflow in your project according your requirements there is no limit.
  • you can add as much as possible activity in a microflow but you should not add more than 25 activity under best practise, if you add too much activity in your microflow your Microflow will become massy and will create problems to understand the logic to another developers
  • to understand for mendix domain model or database working you can see this video Mendix Academy - The Domain Model  ,  and also check this documentation Domain Model | Mendix Documentation



Hi Sneha,
    There's no boundation on nnumbers of Nanoflow or Microflow.
    And for the database working,
    You might wanna see this,