Mendix loading bar loading indefinitely

Hi all, I'm facing the following issue: Within my application we receive two callbacks from a third party, this triggers Microflows on our end. These Microflows have some simple logic included, nothing special. The last step of both Microflows is to show a page. This all works fine, the Microflow moves along from the start to the end, and the page gets shown. When the page is shown to the user, the typical 'loading bar' pops up and keeps loading indefinitely. Only a manual refresh of the page makes the loading bar disappear. I have no idea what might cause the loading bar to show up, but it only happens when we get through the callback Microflows. Does anyone have an idea what might be the cause of this issue and how to fix it?
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Hi Martijn,

In my case, if the MF has a loop and change object with refresh in it, this will cause the loading bar to stuck.
Other than that just refreshing an object(s) in the MF is not causing to that issue.

Maybe it helps.