Mx-Expressions: How to replace()/split() multi line string by ASCII 13 (CR) ?

Hi community,   I'm new (rapid level) at Mendix. My microflow for creating an DecimalVal Attribute from a single line string works. Also trim() helps  to avoid error message because the ASCII 13 and the leading '+' :   parseDecimal(trim( $InspectionData/xSt1),empty)   Just first line was managed! But I am struggeling to split the other 4 lines.. I did not find any expression inside Mx Docs for find CR character for substring and so on. +001.079 +000.781 -000.134 -000.457 +000.713 Does anybody has an easy solution for split(by separator CR) ? I hope, I do not need JS on browser side for validating text input box before "on leave event" Kind regards Jörg
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Try the StringSplit Java action in the Community Commons module using regular expression ‘\R’ as split parameter