Change text box content / label caption by a microflow

Hi there,   I would like to display the result of a REST call (status code) using a text box or label. I use a Microflow to connect to the database and write the return code into a string variable. That all works pretty fine. Now I want the result to be shown on my page. I did a lot of search but didn't find any (simple) solution. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thx a lot!   BR Marcus  
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As of right now, there is no out of the box way of displaying a string directly from a microflow on a page.

An easy way to solve this is via the use of what we call a ‘helper’ object.


You can add a non persistent helper entity in your domain model. Add a string attribute to your helper entity. Then you can either create this helper object in a data view widget with a microflow datasource on the page itself, or create it when opening the page and pass it to your page.

In your microflow have an object of your helper entity as a input parameter, instead of creating the string variable you can now change your helper object and set the string attribute you created earlier to the value received from the service.