How to set dynamic headers with data to the tabular structure?

hello , i am new to the mendix need your help to solve this issue I am getting dynamic headers from the API response .and I want to set the header to the tabular structure. Is it possible through java action? I am getting the following JSON format from the API response  [     {         "timeLog": "2022-10-05 00:01:32",         "attributeInfo": [             {                 "attrName": "REACTOR TEMP",                 "attrValue": "80.66",                 "attrDataType": "STRING",                 "attrSource": "PROCESS_VARIABLE",                 "attrMinAlertRange": "10",                 "attrMaxAlertRange": "300",                 "attrTotalRange": "10_300",                 "attrUnit": "C"             },             {                 "attrName": "REACTOR PRESSURE",                 "attrValue": "1300.00",                 "attrDataType": "STRING",                 "attrSource": "PROCESS_VARIABLE",                 "attrMinAlertRange": "10",                 "attrMaxAlertRange": "3000",                 "attrTotalRange": "10_3000",                 "attrUnit": "millibar"             }         ]     },     {         "timeLog": "2022-10-05 00:02:33",         "attributeInfo": [             {                 "attrName": "REACTOR TEMP",                 "attrValue": "80.61",                 "attrDataType": "STRING",                 "attrSource": "PROCESS_VARIABLE",                 "attrMinAlertRange": "10",                 "attrMaxAlertRange": "300",                 "attrTotalRange": "10_300",                 "attrUnit": "C"             },             {                 "attrName": "REACTOR PRESSURE",                 "attrValue": "1350.00",                 "attrDataType": "STRING",                 "attrSource": "PROCESS_VARIABLE",                 "attrMinAlertRange": "10",                 "attrMaxAlertRange": "3000",                 "attrTotalRange": "10_3000",                 "attrUnit": "millibar"             }         ]     }    ] like the below format, I want to show data in the tabular structure
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Hi Avanti,

You can do it easily,

Just use an import mapping and then use JSON structure and then import it into your database either by creating entities or by clicking ' map automatically '.


As soon as the data in imported in your app, us a datagrid or list view to show your data.


Hope it helps!




and after applying a little CSS, you can make it to look like this,



I have worked on many applications where the data was coming in JSON structure and after applying import mapping.

and then using the entity as the datasource of the listview, you can customize it. easily.