REST Api max 16kb file size!

Hello dear community, I've a simple Mendix application that can store documents in a System.FileDocument entity. The goal that I am persuing is to transer any uploaded file over REST to a predefined server. My POST microflow builds the request using binary content. The issue I encounter is that every file I try to send that is over 16,3KB fails and I get an error saying: "HttpResponse: Connection reset by peer: socket write error" (probably meaning, file is too big) The thing is the server can't really be at fault here because it can recieve huge files over Postman. Do you have any idea as to what I could do? Cheers, Nate
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If it’s working from Postman but not from Mendix I would suggest turning the Log Level of the REST Consume node to TRACE. This will log all headers and body of the request and the response from the server. You should then be able to compare this to what Postman is using. You may find a difference in the request headers that you need to replicate in your Mendix application.

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hii Nathanael Hazard,

your issue is related to the connection not file size , i think your server not recognizing the connection with you. 

for more info refer this link below.

sockets - What does "connection reset by peer" mean? - Stack Overflow




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