Compilation Optimize

Hi, I wonder if there any mendix compiler optimize options that I can use? Currently, I know there is an option called Optimize Network Calls,  are there any other options? And does it work for the microflow in the "After Startup"?  
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As far as I know, compiler options aren't available. 

The speed of your deployment is depending on the machine its running on.


Optimize Network calls has nothing to do with the deployment, it is related to the execution of calls in the running app.


Afters start up is runned After the app is started, thus after the deployment/compiling. But app will be only available after the startup action has been completed. Thus in that sense it is part of the deployment. 

And this is a microflow, execution time is depending on the size of the microflow. Thus you are in control of that speed yourself. the more complex heavy stuff you add in the After startup microflow, the longer your deployment will take. 

As best practice, I do add only mandatory stuff in my after startup, like those who are needed for deeplink etc. Data synchronizations and other administrative tasks I leave out of the after startup and make it a "Manual” action for the app administrator