Selectable objects microflow hits multiple times

I have dropdown binded to Non persistant entity. I am populating that NPE from external entity in Selectable objects using microflow call. The returned list has values but never shown on the page. I debugged the code and found that the microflow is executing multiple times and never exits after returning items to the list.                   The list shows 5 items but they are never visible on the dropdown         Please let me know where I am wrong. Using 9.18 Studio Pro
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It looks like you have a refresh in page in your flow – if your objects are refreshed, so is the dropdown with the selectable lists, so the microflow will be triggered again, which refreshes dropdown, which triggers the dropdown microflow again, etc. 


Could you remove the refresh and see if it solves your problem of calling the microflow too often? If not, we can continue to look at other solutions.


Hi Shikha,

Can you please show me the microflow