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i am new to mendix when i use two entity with parameter in  microflow and i call the microflow using action button it thows a error “Parameter 'NAK Customer' of the selected microflow does not match available arguments. Arguments available to 'actionButton3' are selection of grid1 (NAK.History) and all rows of grid1 (List of NAK.History).”
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Hi Krishna,
In the place where you call your microflow it needs to be called in the same data grid with database source as History.
Change the parameter  accordingly.


Hi Krishna Kumar S,
In your Case, your Microflow should only have one Parameter NAK.History.

You only keep the NAK.history parameter and delete the other.


Note: If the same microflow is used in another place, i would suggest you,duplicate and use the new microflow with one parameter( NAK.history) in your Action button.

The microflow with two parameters might be created if it is called from a page with nested objects.