Microflows & Nanoflows

Hi all. I’m creating an app for recording working hours, but I have problems with microflows & nanoflows. it told me that parameter of the selected nanoflows does not match available arguments.    I have know idea why it shows me this error although I’ve all the steps I guess. 
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the nanoflow is used as datasource of your dataview. Which means this nanflow should return an object of WorkingHoursRecord10. This microflow is triggerd when opening the page and this dataview requests an object. And thus it should not have an input parameter, unless it's a nested dataview. Which isn't the case here.


Also, Cannont see the whol nanof;low, but what I see is that you are doing a lot of stuff which isn't suitable for a data source microflw. A DS microflow should define an object and return it. thats all.


So I guess you want to do something in this nanoflow which isn't being a datasource ;-)


Hi Ali

Please remove WorkingHoursRecord10 parameter from your nanoflow

 This will fix this error