How to pass selected value of a dropdown as input to the next api call & display it in new dropdown.

Scenario: Able to populate data from rest api in first dropdown.But how to append the selected input to the next api call . 1) fill country dropdown by calling REST call on load of page. 2) On select of Country , pass county id to REST call to get corresponding states. Fill these states in State drop down.  3)  On select of States, pass state id to REST call to get corresponding Country. Fill these states in Country drop down. 
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Hi Govarthini,

You can refer to this question, for the implementation of interdependent dropdowns,

here I have explained the whole use case, and for the Rest call, just pass the country as a query when fetching the states by get call and do the same for states, in the on change microflow,

Let me know If you face any issue.

Hope it helps!