Mapping Of Object

Hi , I have a situation in which I am using Label selector widget from Marketplace. There is Entity 1 which has association with it self many to many. I want to write a microflow so that once One object of Entity 1 is Mapped with Object 2 of entity 1. It should not be mapped with other object of Entity 1. I am using Label selector for choosing the Object.  for Eg.  Animal Entity is there which has ATTRIBUTE like Name, Weight , Sibling Name. Object 1: Lion  Object 2. Cat Object 3: Tiger So, if I choose Cat as Sibling for Lion. I should not be choose Cat sibling for Tiger. How can I achieve through microflow?  
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You could use the not function in the XPath. So if animal is the entity and the reference is animal_sibling the XPath is something like:


This will retrieve all the animals that do not have a self reference.
I do wonder why you choose a multiple multiple reference though. Why should the sibling be able to be attached to multiple animals? One animal can have multiple siblings but the parent should always be one animal imho.