Creating multiple object in form

I have a data(Assets) entry form page where ill enter Asset details in that i have a button called  'Save and Continue' - to save this Asset details and create another one. On using this option, the asset will be created (say, Asset 1) - but the user will remain on the same screen, with all the fields still holding the provided values. The user can then update/change any value and once again click on save and asset 2 gets generated 
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Hey Nithya,

For implementing this, you can call a microflow on the save button which commits your Asset object, and in the same microflow, apply a create object and then change its values from the parameter of the last asset, and then apply a show page activity and show the same form page from where it was saved, and pass the created asset, this way you will be on the form page with all the values intact and your last object will also be saved.

You can refer to the image below for the microflow,


Hope it helps!