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Hello, everyone,  I am really a beginner, but I want to learn really fast. Question 1: This is my homepage, I would like to make a microflow that allows me with the "OK" button to go to the next page ONLY if the fields above have been filled in with the information from the linked pages Is there a guide somewhere? The following page is a pre-filled page with the information I have entered in these buttons, (but in another form) How can I get the information I have filled in on the home page onto the 'result' page? Do you know a specific tutorial for this? Thank you very much! Robert
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This should get you started on how to link your data Mendix Academy - Expand Your Domain Modeling Skills

Going on from that you will need to be able to do some basic validations and using the correct commit method. 


Hi Roberto,


From what I understand, you would like to first ‘empty check’ validations first and if everything is good, then go to the next page.

So you should call a microflow with the button, first call a SUB microflow for validations and then open the next page. Before the next page, put a decision, if validation returns true; then open the page, else show a message states that validation is not completed etc.


Please have a look at the following doc to see how you can create validation microflows: