Need to trigger a DS Microflow in a popup page.

 Hi Experts, I need to trigger a DS microflow which is there in a popup page as my scenario is there is chart showcasing with the help of a DS microflow in a normal page there a button to be added and onclick of button the same chart needs to be view in the popup page with full width now I have used the same snippet and data inside the normal page where the whole chart is rendering where I have added the same snippets and data in the popup the chart is not rendering as the DS microflow is not triggering in the popup page. I have tried using refreshing of parent object inside the microflow,refreshing the chart object using the refresh object activity in the Nanoflow and also tried using the Javascript location reloads and all nothing worked. suggestions or solutions are much appreciated. 
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We also have also similar kind of thing here .where the base page has a pie chart and then the popup also has the same chart with the exact details and some description tables.

we get all the details for popup in DS flow in base page .

once the popup page is there it triggers the same DS flow[or just retrieves the data from the association both worked second being fast].


i think the trick is to check why DS microflow is not triggering again.







Hi Attar,


how is this popup page build? Is it directly calling the DS or is it inside a dataview? If inside a dataview, are you sure there is an object passed to the page?