Multiply A Attribute with B attribute in different entity using microflow

Hello everyone  I want to Multiply “a” attribute in one entity to “b” attribute in another entity , later i have to store it in “c” attribute . Can get detailed process to achieve these . There is a association btw those 2 entities . Detailed Entities mentioned below Can anyone help me  In customer I want to multiply Number_Of_tickets(Customer Entity)  with Price in movie entity .  Later i want to store it in Customer Total attribute .  Can any one help me with this .  
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You probably have the Customer as entity $Customer available in your microflow and your Movie as $Movie.

It can also be that you are looping over multiple Customers and then you use $iteratorCustomer.


Create Variabele with type decimal and name this CalculatedTotalPrice.

Within this action, you add “$Customer/Number_Of_Tickets * $Movie/Price”


Then change the Customer entity with Change Object action.

Set parameter Total_Price to $CalculatedTotalPrice




On the page, if you want to calculate it when user fills in the Number_Of_Tickets, use the onchange event on the textbox.

Connect that to Microflow action in which you do the calculations as described above.


Hi Sunkara,

Once user enter number of tickets call a microflow on change event , in this microflow retrieve movie and then create a variable of decimal type and in this variable multiply the number of tickets and price and store the result in the variable. Now use or store  this created variable value where you want.