How To Add data from non pesistent entity to persistent entity

Hi All i have a entity called Project and i have imported the data from excel to this entity and there are three attributes in this project entity.  we have api and there 3 attributes we are taking from API using rest consume i have added activity rest consume i have imported using import mapping and imported to the non persistent entities . now my doubt is how can we map these rest api attributes to our persistent entity project 3 attributes because we have 3 non persistent enties coming from API , and how can i loop this and the associations also different in json structure and in import mapping. if anybody has idea please post me
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You need to call this consumed API in a microflow. If done correctly (, you will get your response in either a string, which you can manually import with your import mapping, or the Root entity in your import mapping if you decide to import directly in the REST call action. Using logic in the rest of your microflow, you can then convert these non-persistent entities to any persistent entities you want. 

Another option to consider is the fact that you can map directly to persistent entities in Mendix, either by finding existing objects through keys or logic, or creating new ones.


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You can refer to this learning path. I hope it helps.