Want to calculate total price * 1.5% and store it in attribute

hello Team ,  I want to calculate The attribute “total price” * some percentage  (like  300* 1.35%) and store that in attribute .  how can i do that within microflow .  Can any one just give me idea about Expression part ,  That would be help for me .  That’s Appreciate  Thanks   
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Hi Sunkara,


Yes, of course you can do it. You can add an extra attribute for the value in the domain model that you want to keep it. For exam. TotalInsurancePrice You can creat it with change object in microflow. You can use math calculation in value. For example $TotalPrice*35 div 100 then you write the attribute you want to keep. 


I hope that help for you.

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Hi Sunkara,


It's almost the same as you're already describing. Have a look at the expressions documentation page.


For example, take a product price:

$Product/Price * 1.35

will result in 300 * 1.35

or if you want it more in percentages:

($Product/Price div 100) * 135

will result in (300 : 100 ) * 135