Cannot Retrieve an Existing Account in a microflow

Hi everyone, I have an employee entity in my project and this employee has an account asociated with him. But i want to change some attributes on that account (name or email address). When i use retrieve account by association and select the association of ‘Employee_account’ it retrieves nothing (empty). How can i retrieve that account properly associated to that employee object? First image shows how i do the retrieval. The second image shows how empty account is retrieved (it should be filled with the associated account)      
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Hey Hasan,

Can you please show me the domain model?

So that I can help you.


Hi Hasan Furkan Arbaz,

I would have done the below 2 checks :

  1. Check if the association is set between the employee and the Account.
  2. Check if the logged user has Read access for Employee_Account Association.

Hope this will help!!


Helllo, This is the domain model. 1-1 association set between Account and Employee entitites as shown below.  Logged in user is administrator and all read-write access rights are given for the association. But still i cannot retrieve the employee account in the microflow