May I change list in a Gallery with microflow?

Hi all!! Do anyone know how to change list which is shown in a Gallery widget? I added an button with a microflow caller and tried to delete one member in the Gallery list and immediately find out that i can't just use the changelist tool in the microflow. my microflow can only catch specific object in the Gallery list but don't know which list i want to change. Is there a solution to let my microflow know which list exactly i want to change or i should try other bettey way to realize my dynamic condition search bar?   my gallery microflow:   my page:   Error report:
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Hi Evan,

The container within a list view only resembles a single item in that list. So whenever you put a button in a list view, only a single item is available as parameter.

You should create a parent entity with an association to the gallery items. You can use that wrapper entity to store search-related content such as search term, pagination, etc. Then associate the results to the parent entity in the list view.

Hope that helps.


It works!! Thank you a lot