Committing Changes on Parameter Creates Loop

Hello, I have a home page that retrieves a single “UserSettings” entity object that is unique per user.  I have a subsequent page that is accessed by a “Show Page” action on a button on the home page.  On the second page, I have a data view, and that data view has a nanoflow data source. (see image below)  The nanoflow just changes a couple boolean attributes on the UserSettings object, commits those changes, and then is supposed to show the page. However, when I click on the button on the home page, it just goes into a neverending loop and never navigates to the second page.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
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Hey Carter,

Try switching off the refresh object action in the change activity.

It is causing the object to refresh again and the nanoflow to get triggered.


Let me know if your problem is still not solved.

Hope it helps!