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Hi all,   I am trying to set up a button which, on click, goes to the previous page, the only issue i am encountering is that some open page buttons are set to close the page and then open the new page. This means that the close page does nothing on these pages.   Is there a way to have a microflow set up so that the button returns the user to the previous page even if it has been closed?
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Hi Talhah,


Thanks for asking the question on the forum. If you would ask me, it is better to trust your logic instead of the user history. This would mean that you can model de Microflow in such a way that you know which page will be the next to open. For example; you could build a back button that opens an overview page instead of performing a close action.


The other solution would be to look at your close behavior very closely, but I would recommend the option above.