How do I change the value of the attribute

Hi all, So I have an entity called lineservices. There is a bolean attribute called ‘add date to reference’ you can turn this on or off on each Lineservice. What this is supposed to do is, when you turn it on, it should add a date to the refernece (string) attribute in this microflow;     Now this probably a bit of a beginner question but I jus't cant think of a way of how to make this right now. Help is much appreciated Simon
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Hi Simon,


do I understand correctly that there is another attribute in that entity which is called “reference” (string attribute) and you want to add to that string a date?


If yes, you first do the check if the boolean is true (so what you are already doing). Then you do the change object action and select the object for which you’d like to change the reference attribute. In the “Change Object” activity you then select “New” and select the “reference” attribute.


Inside the editing window you then put this for example:


$<objectname>/reference + formatDateTime([‘CurrentDateTime’], ‘dd.MM.yyyy’)


Where <objectname> is the Object you selected to change itself and formatDateTime puts your date into a string format.


Hope that makes it clear to you!