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hello experts, I wanted to update reference selector (B) object when there is change in another reference selector(A) object. For this I am using “Contrained by”  to filter the (B) object.  But the problem is When I use  “Contrained by” then the cache is not refreshed and the (B) object still shows the old value in drop down even though I have not selected anything..   I know I can use change object but this will refresh entire class. But I want only one attribute(B) in client side to refresh/update. Can anyone please help me on this?  
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Hey Raghavendra,

You can visit this link and here I have answered here, how to make one



Maybe this helps you.




Hi Raghavendra, is there a specific reason why you wouldn't want to do a refresh? I think it might be a bit difficult otherwise. Can you maybe show the page structure?

You could try to make the second Reference Selector have a dataview context which contains the option from A, and feed this into the datasource microflow of the Reference Selector of B. I think this would make B refresh on changing A, but if this is not the case you could try refreshing the ‘selected’ object A in an OnChange microflow after selecting A.


the “Constraint by” function limits the list of selectable objects in the second reference selector.

Which results in:

A different list in the dropdown

This list is base on references defined in the constraint in combination with the selected option in the first selector.

For example; a car brand has a available set of colors.

So when you select a “Hyundai”, the selectable objects are those who are set for (referenced by) Hyundai > Green, Blue & red

When you would select another brand “Ford” then the selectable objects are those who are set for (referenced by) Ford. These colors can be different, but could contain the same colors.


Thus in short, when changing the first option (reference), the available objects will change. But can contain the same or some of the previous selection. Which will result in one of the following;

  1. the selected color will remain, since it is also part of the new available list
  2. the selected color will be set empty, since the previous selected color is not available in the new list.

When there is only one color per brand available and you want to auto select that color, then you can solve that by using a on-change microflow on the first selector. This microflow will retrieve the selected object (1/car brand) over association and retrieve the referenced object (2/color) of the selected object and set reference between the context object (dataview object) and the retrieved referenced object (2/color)