Error handling ( E-mail sent )

Hi There!   We are considering emailing the contents detected in the microflow to the members. Do you know of any modules to use? Or if you have a similar case, I would appreciate it if you could tell me how you achieved this.   Thanks, Iwata
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So if Iunderstand you correctly you want to mail to certain people when a error handler is being triggered. You first need to register the users you want to mail (or use a group account). Then in your error handler retrieve the list op mail adresses. In the marketplace you have the mail connector that you could use for sending out mails. Then create the email message and fill the message with all the details about the error. Then iterate over the email users for individual mails or make one email message that you send out to all at once. Use bcc if you do not want all the other mail users to know who got the mail.