How to achieve second Sunday of March in Every year

Hello, I am trying to validate the Daylight savings value for the given date. For this, I am trying to get the second Sunday of March and the first Sunday of November in each year. and then going to check  whether the given current date is between these two dates. I was able to get the 1st day of March, but not sure how to achieve the Second Sunday of March in the year. Can anyone please help me to get this? or suggest any other solution to validate Daylight Saving for the given date?   Thanks in Advance!!
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Hi Valli,

In order to get the second Sunday of march I would do the following (considering you know the first day of march.

  1. Create a variable firstDayMarch as integer
  2. Set the variable to an integer using: parseInteger(formatDateTime($Date, 'u'))
  3. Create an integer variable daysToAdd
  4. Change daysToAdd to 14 – firstDayMarch. For example: if the first day of March is a monday (1) than sunday is 14 – 1 = 13 days away. If the first day is a sunday, the second sunday is 14-7 = 7 days away.
  5. The second sunday of march is now: addDays($Date, daysToAdd)

Hope this helps!