Save multiple datas in single time of save button

Hello Everyone , I’m working in user interactive form . Once the user enters data we need to save the data in database . In my case I need to save multiple data which is regarding to single parameter value . EX : I’m having Entity1 . In the entity I have fields like Username , UserId, Dept . When we click on + button I’m able to add multiple rows for Entity1 . So that I’m able to add multiple rows for single entity .And  when I click on save button I need to save all the data in single click of save button .  I’m having a doubt like , If we have a 3 records then is the save microflow will call three times or we need to add some logic in the save microflow . Can someone please suggest any solution for this use case . Thanks in advance!
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Hey Vinodhini, 

I assume that you have created an association between two entities, which you are creating

If not, can you show me the domain model and how you are calling the microflow from the page,


What I can think is, there is a dataview of entity1 and inside them you are creating the dataviews of entity 2,


if it is the case, then from the save button, you can call a microflow, which commits the whole list.


Hope it helps!