How to count registered users?

I want to count the number of registered users, so I tried to do the below solution:   Creating a new microflow that contains ‘ Retrieve list of suppliers from database, Count SupplierList, Return $Count ‘. In the page I was not able to call the value, see the image below.  Could you please help me to solve it, if there is an easy way to do the counting will be great for me      I have added a non-persistable entity to count the total number of registered supplier (user) and change in the microflow.  The way I did it, lead to an error that I have to pass two objects. Note: The page has listview of registered user and textfield to show the counter.  
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Hi Nada Juma Albahri,

Are storing the count value in entity?

You need to store that count in attribute, then you can call that attribute on page to show the count. Do the following:

  1. Create non-persistable entity with Count attribute 
  2. In the above microflow use create object activity and pass value as $count for that attribute as below

Hope this helps you!  


Hi Nada Juma Albahri,


you can create a non-Presistable entity with a count attribute and In the microflow, you can create a non-Persistable entity object and return that object with a count value.


Hope it helps