Debugging to find what triggered microflow

Is there a way, when debugging, to determine which event or parent microflow caused the execution of the current microflow?    I have a dataview with a microflow data source set in my home page. When I first log in, it runs just fine. Through some controls inside the dataview, a second microflow is executed which updates the entity that is returned from the main microflow. I’ve noticed that this data-source microflow executes 3 different times concurrently. It *shouldn’t* happen, but it does. I’m trying to figure out what causes it and it would be nice if I could figure out exactly what is triggering it. Inside the microflow is some logic that can really mess things up if it’s executed concurrently.    I don’t want to set the ooption to prevent it from executing it concurrently because I need to understand WHY it’s being executed many different times simultanerously first.
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I suggest to have a look at the developer console in the browser, this should give you some clues on what is happening and why. Specifically have a look at the network tab and look for the details of the requests to find more info on the issue.