Handling errors caused due to No Internet

Hi, At many places, I am calling a microflow from inside a nanoflow. Now, if the user loses internet connection, and then clicks on a button which calls a nanoflow, it executes some part of it and then errors out once it encounters a microflow. This is expected, because microflow is a server call. However it is displaying the common error message , which is “An Error occurred, please contact Administrator” instead of displaying it as “Network issue” or something which user can understand that the error is because of no internet. Is there any way to handle this?
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Hi Sri Raghu Katragadda,

You can use error handler in microflow call with custom role back



Hi Sri Raghu,

You can use IsConnected javascript action in Native Mobile Resource Module to check your network connectivity in your nanoflow before calling the microflow.

Native Mobile Resource:


Also, it has other network releated Javascript actions like 

  • IsWifiConnection
  • IsCellularConnection


Hope it helps!!!