MxAssist suggestions to Convert Microflow into Nanoflow are not correct

It is not clear when to convert microflows to nanoflows. For all the micorflows suggested in MxAssist Performance Bot a significant amount of converted micorflows did not work anymore. That means that the nanaflow does not anymore work conform  the meant  functionality. The nanoflows with issues are all NF's with database actions. None of them are commited database actions.  I cannot figure out when a nanoflow with database actions does work after conversion and when not works correctly. We only converted microflows to nanoflows which were suggested by the MxAssist Performance Bot We used the MxAssist with Mx9.12.8 and Mx9.18.3. In both modellers the same issue occurs. Like to know if other people experience the same problem    
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When retrieve actions no longer function after conversion to a nanoflow, odds are that the user in question does not have entity access. This leaves you as the developer with a choice:


  • Do I give entity access here, with all the accompanying security implications?
  • Do I give up the performance improvements by not converting to a nanoflow?


The performance bot can't reason about your model and what is or isn't smart security-wise, so it gives you suggestions on what to check. You can always ignore a suggestion if you find that it doesn't suit your needs.