Why the non-persistent entity of the parameters cant be used for calling microflow with task queue checked?

Hello, I am new to Mendix. I have an error message like below. microflow parameters of type 'Non-persistent entity and List of objects' are not compatible with background execution.   As the above message shows, I am trying to call a microflow with task queue checked, using non Non-persistent entities as the parameters, but failed. The microflow is supposed to query DB inside it with info in those parameters.   My questions are two below. Why those are not able to be used for task queue? Is any way to resolve this problem?   Thanks in advance.  
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Hi Yongsuk,

You can go through the documentation on task queues. https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/task-queue/

Only committed persistent objects are allowed to be passed in task queues so that a particular object can be processed by any server available. Also this is useful during failover mechanism so partially executed item can be re-executed by another server in the cluster.