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Hello, i have an entity “KontaktPerson” which is assosiated *:* with the entity “Adresse” In the Form of Person you can select different Adresses which belog to the Person. I also add an attribute “FavoritAdressat” (long) in Person where i want to store the Favorit Adress. So in the Form the user selects the Favorit Adress in the Grid and clicks the button “Favorit” Now the Textfield should should the autonumber from the favorit adress.   I need some hints how i can get the autonumber from the selected adress with microflow. Thanks for every idea ..    
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Hi Torsten,

First, let me validate the *:* association you created KontaktPerson_Adresse. This implies that a Person can have multiple addresses AND that on the same Address there could have multiple Persons. If you only want the first part, where a Person can have multiple Addresses, you need to draw an 1:* association (Starting in Adress and ending in Person). 


For defining one address as the favourite one, I would not use a long but a Boolean. Give the favourite Adresse the value “true”, the other “fasle” (by default).


If you do want to have the *:* you can not use the grid but use, for example, grid2. Because when selecting the Adresse of a Person you will get a list, that can be displayed in gird2 or other GUI elements. In grid2 you can also create the checkbox the Person can use to select the favourite Adresse. In that case, the user doesn’t need to click another button. But the button would work too.


I hope these hints work for you. If you need more help, just mail me on marco.spoel @ and we can do a short screen-sharing session to get things right.


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Hi Marco,


thanks for your quick reply.

Could write you an email to continue ..

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