Create Textboxes based on entered integer values

Is it possible to create the text boxes dynamically based on the entered integer values, ex: suppose value is 2 then it should open 2 text Boxes, Trying on on change event of text box ,anyone  has an idea?    
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Hi Shubham, 


I like Thijs's answer. Let me ask a question about your use case. If the value 2 is given, you want to have two text boxes for the same Attribute or depending on the value, you need to show a set of different Attributes.


Second question, is it for displaying only or for data entry too?


Iy both answers are yes, I’m thinking of using visibility controls (expression) to hide/unhide the GUI parts.


Go Make It


Here's a suggestion:


Domain model:

EntityA: attribute MyInteger

EntityB: attribute MyString, association to EntityA. EntityA can have multiple EntityB's



Now on the page for EntityA you can create an on-change on the MyInteger attribute. Depending on the integer value, you can create EntityB records with an association to EntityA. 


You can display the EntityB records via an (editable) ListView widget below the MyInteger attribute.


Good luck!