Trouble to present REST-API result on a page

Hi,   I am new to the Mendix community and would appreciate help on how to present the result from a REST-API on a page in our app. The data view on the page in question should present a list of objects that are retrieved using Call REST with the GET operation, but I have some trouble with how to get the rest response into the data view.    I’ve done the JSON structure and Import Mapping which seems to be OK. I’ve created a microflow with Call REST (GET), which also seems to be OK (the response is stored in a variable which is a list of the objects). However, when I add the action Show Page and try to pass that list as argument for the parameter of the data view, it does not accept the list of objects and instead wants the argument to be of the object. It doesn’t seem right to iterate through the list, and put the Show Page inside the loop so how should I do to fill the list view with all of the objects in the response?   All kinds of tips and help are much appreciated!  Kindly, Cornelia Sköld, Lowcodi
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Hi Cornelia,


The Import Mapping created the Objects to the Entities that you received from the REST Call. The top of your Entities in the import mapping is by default called root. If you would set that Object as the PAge parameter, you will be able to display all of the Entities and Attibutes (lists) from that call.


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