how to retrieve available time slots?

hi community.   we are currently working on a little plannings app. we have 3 inspectors each with their own calender events to see when they are planned in. each event has a beginning and end time.   the question is: I have a inspection that will take [120] minutes. how can I find a timeslot that will allow this? would I need to make timeslot blocks of 15m, and loop through it and return availability? is there a mendix activity out there that makes this easy? how do I account for ‘non working hours’? is there a ‘calendar/hr’ time management module out there?   pls let me know, so I don't reinvent this wheel :D seems like a very common thing that people would need.   edit: added this image.
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ok so instead of retrieving available slots, I just show the cal of available inspectors. it is not the most UX ‘dont make me think’ solution, but it solves the problem using what has already been created.