Call microflow on event basis

Hi Reader, I want to send email notification through microflow on event i.e. on interval basis. Suppose that, I have to send email notification automatically on daily basis. How can I send this? Thanks and Regards, Harshraj Singh 
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Hi Harshraj,

You can use a scheduled event for this. You create a microflow with the logic you want to start on a daily basis (send an email). Then you right click in the project explorer and create a scheduled event and set this microflow to be started with a 1-day interval at a set time.

Is that what you are looking for?



Hi Harshraj Singh,

For automating and repetitive work, Schedular is the only option. 

For your use case, I would build some logic by using the below  module

This module is used to retrieve the local time of each country.  In you, microflow build some logic and puts a condition at which time the flow should be triggered. Your Scheduler should run every min or you can have a preferred time that best fits the time zones you are going to send.


The flow basically checks the time and decides whether to send an email or not.


Hope this helps and boost your start.