Approve/ Reject data in the grid

Hi I am new to mendix and I have requirement. I have a data view where employees log their tasks done on hour basis which is stored in a grid.  Now I need to created another grid which should be accessed by Team Leads and the Team Leads should be able to Approve/Reject each task in the grid. The grid should contain only the data of the employees who are under that specific Team Lead who has signed in.
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A very similar use case is included in the Advanced Page Building Learning Path:

In this Learning Path the page setup, required widgets and the Microflows with the custom logic for the case are explained. Hope this helps


Hi ,

Create the different module roles for Team Lead

Add the buttons to Approve & Reject . Create the Microflow the ACT_approve , ACT_reject . Give access to TeamLeads to these microflows then Approve & Reject will be available for Team Leads only .


By Default user will get the data which is created by him can be done using XPath .


You need to change the retrieval of the data on the Grid for Team Leads .  Retrieve the data from the all the reporting employee for team leads .