Delete selected objects from a page

I have the following scenario for an online store: I have a page with products, called “Product_Overview”. If I want to buy some products, I have to select them and press a button called “Add to cart”. After this action, the selected products will be sent in a Cart (in a page called “Cart_Overview”). Inside the Cart page, I have a button for deleting the selected products from the cart. But when I use this button, those selected products from the cart are deletd from the Product page, too.  How could I fix this problem? I mean, I want to delete only the selected products from the cart and not from the Product page. I will attach some screenshots with the Domain Model, the Product page and the Cart page.   
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Your Cart_Overview page has a page parameter “cart”. This means that the page should get a “cart” parameter – otherwise it doesn't know which cart from the database it should show.


A way to solve this is to select the microflow you created where a new cart is made in your navigation. You also need to pass the “NewCart” object to the page in your flow (if you open the “Show Cart_Overview”, you can make sure an object is passed to the page).