How can I make an association between two entities not using reference selector?

I want to add an association within a microflow.   When I was looking for the old guide from mendix, it was creating an object of the association right away. However, it is deprecated, and I can't use it that way. Adding the reference selector and making it invisible could be one way, but it doesn't look proper.   Is there any other way to make an association?  
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If you have both objects in the microflow then change the object which “owns” the association. This can be identified by the dot of the association. 

For example having this domain model

And in a microflow I want to create a CartItem for the Cart. The CartItem is the owning object of the association. When creating the object (change object in case that the object already exists) I can select the association member and set the reference to the object variable I want to reference.


Hope this answers your question.