LearnNowModule - Microflow decision - I don`t get it

Hi there,   I created the following microflow as described in the learn path. The start date and the course duration determine the end date for a course. The end date will be calculated by the microflow and updated in the pop up. I added the screenshot to explain the context. Here is the link:     Since it is not possible that the user will enter two values at the same time (course and start date) there needs to be two decisions to check before the end date of a course can be calculated. So far so simple! However, as soon as a user adds a course name to the pop up (and due to the order of the fields this will be most likely the first action) the decision “course selected” will be set to true and along moves the microflow toward the calculation (Change TrainingEvent End Date).         In my understanding the decion “Start date selected” will be left out.  And that should not be. Can someone explain how this detail in a microflow works?   Actually, following the sequence, the flow should end in “false” after checking the first decision (Start date selected). I very much appreciate your comments and hints.  
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Hey Chris,

It’s good to see this much curiosity, and indeed a good question,


Now, for your doubt, the most important thing to understand is, that, Microflow is a transactional activity, so the microflow will start its transaction from the start event. Then it goes to its first activity, in our case that is the start date check, and then if the decision is valid, it then goes to the second activity, and so on….


Now, as soon as the microflow is triggered, it checks whether the start date is selected or not, if it is false, then the flow will go to the end event, and the microflow will end and no activity will be done,


I hope this clears your confusion,

Let me know if you have any other confusion,

Hope it helps!