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how to create a list and add all element to it  which we are adding to ul
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Here you can used list view in that you can pass your entity which you want to show on UI .


Hello Rachana Pandey,

If I understood you correctly, you are dealing with popup page on which multiple objects are managed on which when you create new multiple objects(they will not be committed at same time when clicked on save btn newedit page) and once you are done with creating new objects then you will click on save btn of popup and that will commit your all newly created objects.

To Achieve this follow below steps:
Consider A has multiple B objects.
On Overview page of A for each object you have btn add on which you are opening popup page to manage B objects to be associated to A obj.
1)Consider you selected one A object and clicked add btn then new popuppage will open
2)On that popup page you will have dataview of A obj and then datagrid of B using association.
3)On dataview of A only you will click new and call microflow inside that 
you will create new obj of B(without commit) and associate to A, then you will find that object in datagrid of B
4)Likewise you can add multiple obects of B which are not committed to DB yet.
5)Then once you click on SAVE btn of popup you will call microflow with parameter of dataview i.e obj of A
6)In that SAVE btn action microflow you can commit A obj and associated B objs.

As per my understanding, I stated steps for implementation you can modify it as per your requirement.
Hope this helps you.

Thank you.