Delete Button not getting activated after checking selectAll checkbox

Hey Guys, I am facing one issue that is as follow,  When i am checki select all checkbox the delete button is not getting activated, it only gets activated if i select individual checkbox from list.  Can you please advise ?
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Hi Malay ,

Which delete button you are mentioning here ?
Is it the default delete button of mendix ?

Can you please elaborate your question or where you are facing this issue.

Also if it is a data grid you can look into something below as it might be a problem with Selection mode of the grid


Hi Malay,

Currently on you are enabling the button based on single check try out a OCH microflow where firstly you retrieve the selected objects using a boolean attribute in the XPath of retrieve database and then aggregate the list and if the count is >2 then you need to active the another attribute where that delete button activates based on second attribute.