How to avoid repeated dates appearing in the list view

im creating a page where i can show the list of interview scheduled on the particular day like this →  now i am able to get the details of the interview but if i have 2 interviews on a particular day, then date in the list is coming twice  like this →  I need the date to be listed only once and the details of the interview should come like the image i have added 1st this is my page in mendix  →     Thanks in advance :)
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From what you shared  it looks like you stored everything in the same entity. You should expand your domain model with adding an entity Date, add an association with the Interview entity. Then you can have several Interviews added to the same Date that is stored in the new entity.


So when you save an interview you need to make a find-or-create action. You will make a retrieve from database with a constraint on the selected date (you will look if the selected date is already in the database). If it is in the database already you will add the interview object to this retrieved date, if it's not you will create a new one.