How to switch current user interface

  My App have user sessions as follow image, my question is how to switch/reload current user interface, for example from demo_user to qlaow,as demo_administrator and demo_user switch action.  
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Hi Xiaoning,


If you want to switch between demo users you need to enable and configure those in your app explorer. In that case you can switch between those accounts. If you want to do it in your browser you login and logout with the users or add some profiles in Chrome to switch between the users.


Hope this helps!


Hi Xiaoning, this would only be possible if you would configure qlaow as a demo user. In that case you can switch between qlaow, demo_admin and demo_user. Not entering usernameand password but still login in would not be very secure, you can of course use SSO but I don't think that's the rabbit hole you should go down now. 

I'm assuming you are using this for demo purposes so I would advise using the demo users or create an extra entity with e.g. person and connect your data to that and switch between users in a dropdown for example so you can show your clients what filtered data look like.