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Experts,        I have the below sample json that I get as a response from a REST call from one of my microflows   {     "creator": "xyz@siemens.com",     "creationDate": "2023-01-27T14:58:25.070+00:00",     "lastModifiedDate": "2023-01-27T14:58:25.074+00:00",     "tenantId": "xyztenant",     "studyId": "c150dfa3-136c-4a9e-98a6-908604185fc6",     "description": "",     "samplingStep": "1",     "usedForMonitoring": "true",     "scope": {         "id": "1",         "name": "System Simulation",         "shortCode": "sys_sim"     },     "studyKey": {         "studyName": "FMUStudy",         "dtModelId": "178b1381-045b-482a-9f31-ef75f2d64819"     },     "studyData": {         "aspects": [             {                 "id": "c46f8ea9-5b84-4fc7-96a8-2af3cbcc3b8a",                 "variables": [                     {                         "id": "fd58e9e8-25b8-4444-8ee3-9cfb994ff4dc",                         "virtualUnit": "",                         "physicalUnit": "N",                         "virtualDatatype": "REAL",                         "virtualVariable": "measurement.in0",                         "physicalDatatype": "DOUBLE",                         "physicalVariable": "Force_1",                         "virtualVariableIOType": "INPUT"                     }                 ],                 "virtualAspect": "xDT_2_loads",                 "physicalAspect": "Input_Force"             }         ]    }  }   From the above, I am interested to eliminate everything but retain just the studyData tag section, so that I can append this section to another json. Appreciate if anyone can help me with this.   Thanks in advance.
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You can do that in your import mapping. There you can define the parts you want to use. And depending on the other JSON you could either create all the objects first and then do the export mapping or do only an export mapping of the studyData but you might then want to do some string manipulation before you can add it to other JSON. My choice would be to do import mappings first, retrieve all the objects together and then do an export mapping.