Multi Select dropdown filters for bulk dataset

We have bulk dataset (currently with 90k records will increase in future) and we are using data grid 2 to view the records. We need multi select dropdown filters feature for this datagrid2. Currently we are using auto complete multiselect widget, when user selects the value from the dropdown we are running the microflow and storing the filtered result records in helper entity and associating the records with user. Displaying the records in data grid by using association as data source. This process for bulk dataset is taking time. If anyone have solution,  please suggest a way to improve the performance.
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Datagrid 2 has a drop down filter widget.  Did you try that?  Was there a problem using this?

For what its worth, manipulating 90K records via browser is probably going to have some performance issues.  Is there a way to limit the number of records the user is viewing?